Keyhole Jump Strips and Cups

Jump Cup - Breakaway Safety Cups - Non FEI (each)

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Jump Cup - Breakaway Safety Cups - Non FEI (each)
Jump Cup - Breakaway Safety Cups - Non FEI (each)
Jump Cup - Breakaway Safety Cups - Non FEI (each)

For use on back rails of oxer/spread fences, and centre and back rails of triple bars.

Strong Nylon cups with higher nylon content and metal reinforcement in top mushroom head.

Backing plate attaches to keyhole stripping on wing/stand and allows cup to release and fall to the ground when a horse (or rider) lands on the rail.

Each 'Cup' comes as an assembly with the cup and backing plate.

Fits standard keyhole strips

These Cups are of the same design, but have not been through the FEI Safety Cup testing process so are not "FEI Approved" and cannot be used for EA, PC, or FEI events

Approved cups are normally around $90 a pair and are not feasible for home arenas - where you are more likely to have accidents where they are needed !

The price of these cups allows you to have the piece of mind of a breakaway cup for training, without the large price-tag.

Please contact us if you require FEI Approved Cups, as these are by Special Order only.

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