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Kim Lindsay

Ovarit Jumps is the rebranding of Kim Lindsay Equestrian Jump Gear and offers the same quality products.

Having been involved in riding and Jumping for over 35years, and a qualified Jumping Course Designer since 1994, I knew that clubs and riders had a hard time finding where to get jumping equipment. Often having to get a friend or family member to make it for them, or take the limited products that were commercially available.

Having worked with many different designs and materials over the years I felt our sport needed access to equipment that not only was safe and functional but would last and fit with international standards.

One of my favourite sayings is that "Everyone has their own Grand Prix" - so not everyone wants, or can afford, competition standard gear at home, sometimes we just need to make what we have a bit safer and a bit higher. That is where our nylon keyhole sets and our ever popular Drum strips come in - for a pretty cheap price you can have a pair of keyhole strips with cups that are safe and easy to change.

For the inventive and industrious - there are the galvanised keyhole strips in a range of lengths so that you can make your own jumps, or change over your old gear to the standard keyhole system. Also means you can easily get cups to fit, rather than trying to get new cups made for old style systems.

But for those that want the competition arena look there are our Powder coated Aluminium range of Jump Wings and Stands. These come in two heights - the 160cm and, for the aspiring (or current) World Cup riders - the 180cm. For the traditionalists there are the white or black Wings and Stands, but they also come in a range of bright and exciting colours.

Our Jump Rails are Australian Treated Pine, turned smooth to 100mm diameter, and available in 3m and 2.4m lengths. These rails are Aussie bred to handle our conditions and painted in hardwearing enamel paints.

The bespoke hanging fill is hand made to order locally in Oakford. Treated pine sandwich construction for added strength, and painted in hardwearing enamel paint.


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