Bored with no Horse events? How about a jump revamp or build project?

Kim Lindsay

Bored? Got that 'locked down' feeling?

How about a jump building or re-build project to keep you occupied and ready to go when the competitions come back :D

Check out our Keyhole Stripping and Cups collection.

Standard Keyhole Stripping in Aluminium and Galvanised steel, and Premium Nylon Cups. 50mm wide and come in a range of lengths - 50cm, 70cm, 120cm, 150cm. 

 50cm and 70cm strips come in convenient Packs with a pair of Cups, (add more Cups before checking out) and can easily be posted anywhere in Australia for $20 (up to 3 packs).

For longer strips please contact us for a freight quote.


Ph: 0412453314

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